We offer a complete service including design, CAD sampling and carton construction.

We have all of the necessary expertise and industry knowledge in-house, that will help your products to create a lasting impression.

You can have the greatest product in the market place but without the right packaging, sales will be suppressed.  Our packaging designers will work with you to ensure that the packaging looks great, clearly communicates key messages, adheres to your brand guidelines, keeps up with packaging design trends and most importantly is tailored to your target market.

With our technical knowledge we know the limitations of packing in different markets whether its food, beauty or pharmaceutical. With our bespoke designs, we strive to create packaging that is better for the environment, always looking for new materials and techniques that create maximum impact.

Great packaging sets your products apart from your competitors.  We need to provide reasons why a purchaser would choose your product over another. Because over 70% of buying decisions are made in store, we will work with you to ensure that your packaging design sells itself to the consumer when they are debating which product to select.  This decision is typically made in under 3 seconds, so the packaging design must communicate convincing reasons why that particular product should be chosen over another.

At R Howard, we can help you to achieve this!

Pre Press Design

Design issues can be found during the prototype process. We inspect product volumes, graphic position and seals before going to production to save valuable time and money.

Design Setup

Packaging needs to be appropriate for its purpose, have visual presence, brand relevance and must appeal to your particular market to maximise sales potential.