Our high quality level allows us to collaborate with some of the most important laboratories in the world. Thanks to our quick and efficient service and our continuous improvement philosophy which lead us to the operational excellence, we can meet our customers’ needs for folding carton boxes and information pamphlets and offer the most adequate product in every moment.

The continuous investment on technology and machinery allows us to obtain impeccable results in all our processes. This, together with the continuous training of our workers, allows all our products to meet the customer’s’ expectations.

Always looking for customer satisfaction, we invest on important innovation campaigns in order to be pioneers in the perfection of packaging. In order to get this, we use a high range of UVI and acrylic inks, security inks (reactive and invisible), printing of different codes (incremental, Data Matrix, Farmacode, Laetus, QR,…) and inclusion of micropoints and microtexts, contrast varnish, and selective reserves of varnish. We also include all the requirements needed in the pharmaceutical industry such as texts in Braille language and easy-open designs that additionally preserve the inviolability of the products. We also have the best selection of top quality materials with which our clients get the best performance.

The Braille Font System
Designed to meet Pharmaceutical Braille Standards

The PharmaBraille Braille font system complies with Pharmaceutical Braille standards. Our Braille font sets produce precise visual Braille characters for pharmaceutical packaging artwork.